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We provide 100% free pocket pc software to our visitors. All our software are creative and unique.

Our software will run on the following devices:

  • Windows Embedded Mobile 6.0 devices 
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC devices (including Phone Edition)
  • Windows CE.NET 4.1 and 4.2 ARM XScale Processors
  • Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
  • Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition
  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Pocket PC
  • Palm size PC (Windows CE 2.11)
  • Handheld PC 2000
  • Handheld PC/Pro
  • Handheld PC

Installation Procedures:


Step 1) Select the software listed on the left hand side.
Step 2) Download the Winzip file ".Zip" to your PC (Desktop, not Pocket PC!)
Step 3) Connect you Pocket PC to DesktopDouble Click all ".exe" files in your Desktop, all files will be installed to your Pocket PC automatically.

Finally, copy and paste the ".nsb" file to your Pocket PC and run it!






We are developing different applications at the moment. All our software are creative and unique. You are hardly get them in internet. They are suitable for everyone.

Our first application is MarkSix Generator.

Our second application is Air Duct Calculator (Similar to Trane Ductulator!).

In addition, if you have good idea on any application, please inform us via email, We will consider to make your application come true.

Email: webmaster@hkshop.com





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